1 Child Dies of Flu in S.A. Area

by Elizabeth Ruiz

At least one child in the San Antonio area has died of the flu this season.

“This season we have had one death. Typically each flu season, we do see one or two deaths in the pediatric population,” said Rita Espinoza, Chief of Epidemiology at the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District.

The pediatric population is considered children under the age of 18.

Espinoza told KTSA News the department doesn’t have numbers on adult influenza cases or deaths.

“It’s really difficult for the adult flu deaths because individuals who die from flu don’t always get coded as dying from flu, so that’s one of the reasons we don’t use that system,” she said.

That’s not to say they don’t monitor the situation.

“Definitely, if hospitals start seeing something out of the ordinary , they’ll alert us and we’ll start investigating that situation,” said Espinoza.

San Antonio Metro Health hasn’t received information about anything alarming or out of the ordinary for a typical flu season.

“We are seeing more individuals coming down with the flu, but it is not unexpected. Typically, flu season can peak anytime between December, January and February,” she said.

San Antonio Christian School on Redland Road was closed Friday for a “flu day.” A Facebook post said that would allow workers to “super clean” classrooms before students return to class Tuesday, following the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday.


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