Second Sinkhole Presses Push for Answers

A call for answers is growing louder after a second large sinkhole opened iup on the Westside in the span of a couple of weeks.

“It was about two-feet in diameter… maybe three-feet in diameter” Gavino Ramos with SAWS told KTSA News, describing the hole that opened up Tuesday Afternoon on Buena Vista.

“We had to then pull back some of the asphalt so our workers could get in and repair it” Ramos said.

Many are questioning whether SAWS pipes underground are contributing to these holes opening up.

“In the older parts of the City, there’s going to be older infrastructure. That area had been already planned for major replacement” Ramos said.

Meanwhile, the search for what caused a deadly sinkhole on Qunitana Road in early December continues.

“The cause of the collapse is not immediately apparent under these conditions–and, we want to know exactly what has occurred” said SAWS Chief Operating Officer Steve Clouse, adding “Therefore, we will not speculate until all of the facts are known.”

That hole killed Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputy Dora Nishihara as she was driving to work at the County Courthouse the night of Sunday, December 4th. A second car also drove int ot he hole, landing on top of Nishihara’s vehicle. The driver of that car was rescued by a man and woman who happened to be in the area at the time he crashed.

A broken large sewer main nearby is expected to have created the conditions that led to the sinkhole forming.

“To be heading in to work as a Reserve Deputy for Bexar County… and for this to happen… we’re so sorry for that” SAWS Board Chair “Berto” Guerra said of the accident.

“We are just at the point to where we have the soil erosion conditions at the site under control. We have stabilized the wastewater flow through some very temporary conduits” Clouse said, pointing to what is a massive effort.

“Today, we have completed construction on approximately eight-miles of above-ground, temporary pipelines” Clouse said.

With two sinkholes forming in the last couple of weeks, Mayor Ivy Taylor is among those searching for answers.

“It points to the need for us to certainly keep infrastructure at the top of our agenda” Taylor told KTSA’s Trey Ware Wednesday Morning, promising to come up with answers.

“We want to make sure our citizens are safe, so we’ll definitely be getting to the bottom of it at SAWS” Taylor said.



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