15 Years in Jail for Puppy’s Death

Is it a new benchmark for those who abuse animals in the State of Texas?

Advocates are certainly hoping so after 55-year old Gary Kennedy was handed a 15-year prison sentence for the torture death of a puppy two years ago.


“Surveillance video showed him repeatedly beating the puppy that was trying to run away from him” Lisa Norwood with Animal Care Services told KTSA News.

“In the video, you can see (him) grabbing a piece of metal rebar that he used to brutally beat a young Sharpei named Bosco” Norwood added. On the tape, Kennedy is seen stuffing the dog in a bag–then dragging it back in the direction of his Eastside home.

Kennedy, who has a long criminal history–pled “no contest” in this case.

“The Courts gave him a very serious prison term. We’re very thankful he’s not going to be on the streets anymore hurting pets or people” Norwood said, adding the sentence handed to Kennedy could potentially speak volumes.

“It sends a very clear message that you will be dealt with. If you’re an animal abuser in San Antonio, you will go to jail” Norwood said.



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