TREY’s Take: New Council Moves SA Left – Crickets From Conservatives

“Tell Texas to get ready!! We’re here to turn it blue, and nobody or nothing can stop us!”

Wrote “Tom J.” is an email over the weekend.

Tom said the recent changes in San Antonio are a prime example of how the leftist strategy to take over Texas is working “Like a charm.”

And he issued a warning to conservatives to, “Stay the F#*K out of our way!”

No worries, Tom. Conservatives are experts at staying out of the way of leftists. In fact, conservatives will not only open the door for you, but will hold it open while you waltz right in.

Case in point would be Tom’s mention of recent changes in San Antonio.

Conservatives stayed home and didn’t vote in the recent election. Leftists turned out and elected a council that Julian Castro could be proud of. Wasn’t he the one on election night who said, “This proves San Antonio isn’t a right wing talk-radio town!!!”

So, the first meeting of the new council featured the adoption of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change – which does nothing more than transfer American taxpayer wealth to other countries.

The new council also committed SA to the “Compassion Charter” which says something about how you shouldn’t use scripture to make people feel bad.

And now comes word that several council members have signed off on a plan to paint some crosswalks “Rainbow” to show the city’s support for LGBT.

Obviously the new leadership has a fetish for all things Austin and San Francisco.

Meanwhile, nothing but crickets from conservatives.

Maybe Castro and e-mailer Tom are correct. Maybe they and their buddies won’t face opposition as they work to change San Antonio into San Frantonio.


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