Is Sending the Green Berets to Syria a Bad Idea?

PHOTO: U.S. Army Green Berets from the 7th Special Forces Group jump out of a C-130H3 Hercules, Photo Date: April 22, 2015


While President Obama loops around Europe, he announced in Germany that he will send U.S. Green Berets into Syria. That sounds like a good team of guys to use, right?

“They are a very wonderful asset to use, but I don’t think that they’re being used in the proper format in this situation,” said Prof. Jeffrey Addicott, Director for the Center of Terrorism Law at St. Mary’s University.

The Green Berets are the trainers who train the trainers for military combat. But are the fighters in Syria even suitable for combat? “We’ve seen this show before,” said Addicott. “Over in that particular region, we’ve been training the trainers for years and years, and unfortunately many of them are un-trainable. They will simply drop their rifle and run at the first sign of combat.”

The Amateur-in-Chief is at it again. The worst part is that he is putting our guys in direct harms way. This sounds like another futile attempt by our president to find a solution in Syria without asking the right men in the armed forces what we should do.



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