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Abbot Joins Letter to HHS Sec Sebelius

By: Marissa A. Wagner

Eleven Attorneys General, including Texas' Greg Abbott, are writing a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius regarding recent changes by President Barack Obama to the Affordable Healthcare Law.

The group is particularly demeaning President Obama's executive action to allow insurance companies to continue offering health plans, after they were initially cancelled for not meeting the more rigorous standards of the Healthcare Law.

"Only congress can write the laws, and The President is assuming the duties/ the power of the congress by rewriting the Obamacare law to suit his political ends," said Abbott.

The Attorneys General claim there is no legal justification for President Obama's actions, but Abbott said he continually gets away with it because he has the support of certain media outlets which constantly allow him to look into the camera and lie to the American people.

"And now that the lot has revealed the falsehood of Obamacare he's scrambling to change it," said abbott. "He has no legal authority to make these changes to Obamacare, and if we allow The President to establish the precedent that the president can make these changes to laws, it changes our entire construct of our constitution. it eliminates the power of the legislative branch of the government and even reduces the power of the court system, and puts all the power into an all powerful president of the united states."

the Texas attorney general and gubernatorial candidate said the Obama Administration could find itself back in court should The President continue to reach beyond his constitutional powers.

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