Another Executive Immigration Order?

By Bill O'Neil

Very different takes from either side of the political aisle--as President Barack Obama weighs acting on his own--without any help from Congress--to accomplish some level of immigration reform.

Republican Congressman Lamar Smith aaid we've seen this from the White House before--and nothing has changed this time around. 

"Just because he likes or doesn't like what Congress does--just because Congress decides not to act in a way he favors, that doesn't give himt he authority to do what he wants to do" Smith told 550 KTSA News. The Congressman said House Speaker John Boehner should include this issue in any lawsuit he might file over the President's use of "Executive Action"--a lawsuit Democratic Congressman Lloud Doggett is convinced will go nowhere.  

"The filing of a lawsuit is more show to the ultra-right wing of the Republican Party than to anyone else" Doggett said. He told 550 KTSA News the continued delays in the House on getting an immigration reform measure done have left the President with little choice but to act.   


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