Bearden Search at the Border

by Elizabeth Ruiz
A clothing store in Laredo and a sighting at a McDonald's in Crystal City.  Those are the leads a local private investigator is pursuing as the search continues for Leanne Bearden.
Charlie Parker told 550 KTSA News Tuesday night that he's trying to get surveillance video from the store in Laredo, Texas where someone reported seeing Bearden shopping with another woman.
"We've gone to every flea bag motel and hotel in Laredo and we've gone to every good motel and hotel.  We're also passing out flyers in areas where there are large groups of people," said Parker.
The 33-year-old petite, dark-haired woman vanished January 17 when she left her in-laws' home in Garden Ridge to go for a walk.
Wednesday, he plans to follow another lead about a possible sighting at a McDonald's in Crystal City.
"It's what we call a good lead when someone identifies her body structure and sees her face-to-face," said Parker.
Law enforcement authorities believe Bearden left voluntarily and it's not against the law, but Parker says her relatives want to know she's okay. 

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