"Berlusconi Convicted In Sex Trial"
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Cuellar Sees Small Progress

A San Antonio Congressman sees some small--but positive signs of progress as the undocumented children crisis continues to play out in Texas.  


Nirenberg to Seek Mayoral Seat

A busy summer for San Antonio's City Council--which will soon get down to the business of selecting an interim Mayor. 


Labor Sec Stops in S.A.

The U.S. Labor Secretary brings his campaign for a 21st century workforce to the Alamo City, a vision that has a number of different paths to success. 


Stone Oak Main Fixed

Repairs have wrapped up on a 48-inch water line which broke earlier in the week in the Stone Oak area--leading to an outdoor watering ban there for several days. 


Obama Lectures GOP Congress

Nothing from the President on the immigrant children crisis--but an earful for Congressional Republicans during Thursday's speech on the economy in Austin.  

Stage 4 Coming to the Aquifer?

Temperatures are expected to climb in the coming days--with the possibility of triple-digit heat in the forecast--all as the water level in the Edwards Aquifer continues to fall.