Bob Webster Podcasts

1/23/15 - Molasses, Ponytail Palm,

What's better -- dry or liquid molasses? Ponytail Palm.

1/23/15 - Plumeria, Amaryllis,

Large seed pod on plumeria. Can that be successfully planted? Can an amaryllis be saved and bloom again? New products for the garden.

1/23/15 - Day Lillies,

A dead Day Lily has come back full hearty, is that normal?

1/23/15 - St. Augustine, Blackberry,

What's a good fertilizer for St. Augustine? Sodding some areas of the lawn. Blackberry growing in a pot in a greenhouse.

1/23/15 - Hastas,Shade Gardens,

Do hastas grow well in Texas? What are some good suggestions for a shade garden? A mysterious light green vegetation.

1/23/15 - Compost, Parsley, Oak trees,

What's a good compost mix for potatoes? Live Oaks have different growth patterns.

1/17/15 -- Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor

Bob invites Howard Garrett to talk about the winter weather, prepping for any damage and the wonders of the organic program.

1/17/15 - Yellow Rose, Blackberry bushes,

Do seeds in the blooms of roses grow well? Do Blackberry bushes need to be pruned?

1/17/15 - Sierra Oak, Oak Wilt, Rain Water,

Looking for an affordable larger tree. Watering and mulching new trees. Do Sierra Oak trees do well in South Texas? Why do plants relate better to rain water?

1/17/15 - Fertilizer, Apricots, Poppy,

How much do fruit trees need fertilizing? Do apricots need pruning? Will poppy seeds bloom the first year?

1/17/15 - Trenching, Eureka Persimmon,

Trenching to create a bufferzone for trees. When's a good time to transplant a Eureka Persimmon? How to propagate a Mexican Heather and African Blue Basil?

1/17/15 - Oak Wilt,

Are there new methods to fighting Oak Wilt? Illegal tree trimming by municipalities.

1/17/15 - Lantanas, Chinese Tallow, Peaches,

Is too late to cut back and mulch Lantanas? Chinese Tallow. How many peach trees should be planted?

1/17/15 - Peach Trees, Rye Seeds, Bok Choy,

Why are June's Gold Peach Trees are showing bloom so soon? Will rye seeds come back in a year? How do you cook bok choy?

1/17/15 - Tree Roots, Dogwood, Onions,

Protecting tree roots from cruising trucks. Potted dogwood. Talking about Candy Onions.

1/17/15 - Avocados, Pears,

Can avocados be grown in San Antonio? What kind? What other pear varieties grow well in Texas?

1/17/15 - Onions, Turnips, Oak,

Can pencil-sized onions be transferred? Is it too late to plant another crop of turnips? Is now a good time to prune oak trees?

1/4/15 - Blue Plumbagos, Apple Tree,

Do blue plumbagos need to be covered? Are grasses safe? Do apples like the cold?

1/4/15 - Oleander, Mt. Laurels, Peaches,

Is now a good time to trim back oleander bushes? How about Mt. Laurels? Peaches from seed.

1/4/15 - Garlic, Monterrey Oak,

Does garlic need protection from the cold? A Monterrey oak tree covers a dog's grave. Could the dog's body be causing bad health for the tree?
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