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12/6/14 - Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor

Bob invites Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor, to talk about the wonders of the organic program.

12/6/14 -- Papayas,

Keeping papayas warm but they are setting fruit.

12/6/14 - Wafer Ash Tree, Rosemary,

Where can a wafer ash tree be found? Planting Rosemary.

12/6/14 -- Fertilizer, Molasses,

Using natural fertilizer. Spraying Molasses and spreading it.

12/6/14 - Cactus, Weeds,

Using diesel and molasses to kill cactus or Mesquite trees? Fighting weeds.

12/6/14 - Seaweed, Knock-out Rose,

Spraying seaweed in a sprayers. Gophers tear up the roots of a Knock-out Roses.

12/6/14 - Watermelons, St. Augustine,

Watermelons grow full size but then die off quickly. Brown spots in St. Augustine grass.

12/6/14 - Plumeria, Ficus,

Propagating a Plumeria. Ficus plants need to be transplanted.

12/6/14 - Fire Ants, Cabbage,

Fire ants ruined the okra. Holes appearing the cabbage. Are old vitamins good for the garden?

12/6/14 - Nandina, Monterrey Oak,

Looking to replace a Nandina. Is now a good time to transplant a Monterrey Oak?

12/6/14 - Pines, Mulch,

Looking to put a pine or fern in an area. Should mulch be against the trunk?

10/26/14 - Sod, Fertilizer,

Does flooding sod improve it to grow? Fertilizers good for dogs.

10/26/14 - Pomegranate tree, Ming Fern,

A pomegranate tree suffered but it came back. Why no fruit? Should a ming fern be moved to the ground?

10/26/14 - Bougainvilleas, Oak Trees,

Looking for an evergreen plant. How to prep Bougainvilleas for the winter. What point do oak trees get trimmed?

10/27/14 - Monarchs, Amaryllis,

Why do monarchs like to land on milkweed? Getting Amaryllis do go dormant.

10/26/14 - Tomatoes, Worms,

Plenty of blooms on tomatoes, should they be cut to start stronger growth. Cabbage loopers and other worms.

10/26/14 - Brussel Sprouts, Poblano Peppers, Broccoli,

After planting Brussel sprouts, what is to do next? Is it too late to plant broccoli?

10/26/14 - Brussel Sprouts, Poblano Peppers,

After planting Brussel sprouts, what is to do next? Is it too late to plant broccoli?

10/11/14 - Seaweed, Acorns, Oaks,

Can seaweed be mixed with BT? Can you pull the acorns from the tree before the bugs get to them? What's the difference between the major oak trees?

10/11/14 - Loopers, Sugar,

Will BT affect loopers? Can sugar be used instead molasses?
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