Castro Officially Nominated to Lead HUD

By Bill O'Neil

It's official--San Antonio's Mayor is President Barack Obama's nominee to be the next Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. In picking Julian Castro to lead HUD--the President said he's found a leader--someone who has focused on revitalizing one of America's "most wonderful cities."  

"Today, companies are choosing to create jobs in San Antonio--and this year, my administration named the Eastside of San Antonio a promise zone" the President said.

For his part, Castro said he'll take the job--pending Senate approval--knowing we're living in what he called "a century of cities."  

"I look forward to being a part of a department that will help insure that millions of Americans--all across the coutnry--have a chance to get good, safe, affordable housing" Castro said. 

Meanwhile, the talk of who will replace the Mayor at City Hall--pending Senate approval of his nomination--will begin to ramp up--with Councilman Cris Medina the latest to throw his name in the hat. 

"It would be an honor--but again, that's a decision we need to make together as a Council" Medina told 550 KTSA News.  The Councilman also told us fellow Councilman Mike Gallagher's call for widening the search for a replacement for the Mayor is a topic worthy of discussion. 

"From what I understand, this hasn't happened any time over the past thirty of forty years. We're kind of in some uncharted territory" Medina said.  


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