Chipotle Speaks Out Against Guns

By Bill O'Neil

Another blow for political correctness--at the cost of freedom--the word from gun rights advocates in Texas after Chipotle asks customers not to bring firearms in to it's restaurant. . 

The move by the Denver-based Chipotle follows a campaign launched by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America--after advocates brought firearms in to a Dallas-area restaurant over the weekend.  

"It's an invented fact that when we go in to these places we're scaring people--because we're not" said Open Carry Texas President and Founder C.J. Grisham, who told 550 KTSA News Chipotle's is a corporate response to paicture being painted of what's not happening. He also said his frustration doesn't end there.  

"Of course, the NRA (National Rifle Associaiton) stands by and does ntohing. The NRA is just as guilty of this as Moms Demand Action is for their silence" Grisham said.  



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