Could Obamacare End with Bailouts?

By Don Morgan

Would any failure of the Affordable Care Act land on the shoulders of the American taxpayer? That's just what one group fears as it looks in to the future.  

Daniel Garza with the Libre Initiative told 550 KTSA News insurance companies were sold on an idea that was bound to fail.  

"These folks went in to it thinking they were going to make a nice little profit out of it but price controls and government mandates actually stifled the market and usupred the role of the market--and don't allow competirion" Garza said. He added the solutions being offered by the government are not long term fixes.  

"When governent meddles and intervenes, it distorts true market prices. You're going to see that worsen, which is why I think a lot of these companies are going to go under" Garza said, fearing any failure of the system will require a government bailout to ease the burden that will be left on taxpayers.   

"Obamacare was something the President promised was going to be revenue neutral" Garza said, adding recent discussions have shown that simply will not be the case.  


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