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Council Passes Expanded NDO

By KTSA News Staff
Following a debate that extended in to the mid-afternoon hours Thursday--San Antonio's City Council has approved some much-talked about expansions to the City's Non-Discrimination Ordinance.  

The Council voted 8 to 3 in favor of clearly spelled out protections for the LGBT community--shortly after Eastside Councilwoman Ivy Taylor told her colleagues she simply could not vote in favor of the proposal out of concern over how it might dictate the actions of people--against the teachings of their faith. 

Conservatives and some religious leaders across the city--as well as around the state and country--had voiced strong objections--fearing the measure might infringe on free speech rights--and force people to endorse a lifestyle that may run contrary to their beliefs. Supporters insisted there are protections against that in the ordinance. 

An effort to table the measure put forward by Councilwoman Elisa Chan failed just moments before Council gave it's final approval. A numbewr of critics predict the debate will not end with the vote--but rather-- string of lawsuits and legal actions will be getting underay challenging the ordinance.   

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