Court Rules for VIA in ATD Bonds Fight

By Bill O'Neil

A downtown streetcar opponent's challenge appears to have run out of steam in court--but even backers of the project will tell you the fight looks to be far from over.  

An appeals panel has ruled George Alejos must put a nearly $4 million bond if he wants to continue his battle against the use of Advanced Transportation District Bonds as a means for paying for improvements at two downtown transit centers. 

"I do believe a citizen of San Antonio in good faith can oppose the streetcar project--but, let's oppose on the merits, let's oppose it on the facts" said VIA's Charlie Gonzalez, who told 550 KTSA News he sees little but politics in the challenges lodged against the project. 

Critics have argued VIA is breaking it's promise not to use that money on rail projects--since streetcar passengers could ultimately be picked up and dropped off at those transit centers. Gonzalez insisted the improevement sthat are to be made are aimed at meeting the needs of bus riders.  

"The problem is it (the legal challenge) has delayed the project by a number of months--it has increased costs, and of course there are legal costs. All of this money is taxpayer money" Gonzalez said.   


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