"Eurozone Outlook Remains Gloomy"
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Taylor Chosen as Interim Mayor

A transition of power is complete at City Hall--whewre Mayor Julian Castro has officially stepped aside ahead of his departure for Washington to take over as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. 


Council Set to Pick Interim Mayor

San Antonio's City Council will choose an interim Mayor from among four of their won Tuesday--but citizens groups find little to get excited about in the process. 

Officer Deaths Increasing

A new report shows just how much more dangerous it's becoming to be a law enforcement officer--with 67 line of duty deaths recorded in the United States over the first half of the year. 


Archbishop Criticizes Kid Deport Efforts

Not so fast--the word from San Antonio's Roman Catholic Archbishop--who said it's time to put the brakes on efforts to speed the process of sending undocumented immigrant children back to their Central American homes. 


Local Activists Pressing Castro

He hasn't left for Washington yet--but already, immigrant activists are putting heat on Julian Castro. 


National Guard to the Border

One-thousand National Guard troops will head toward the border in the Rio Grande Valley amid the continuing crisis that has seen Central American children cross in to Texas through Mexico by the thousand.