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Four Arrested in Jail Smuggling Scheme

By Bill O'Neil

Two men--including a contractor at the Bexar County Jail land behind bars--charged with two inmates in what's being described as a scheme to smuggle cell phones in to the facility. 

The contractor has been identified as Stephen Kpehe, who worked in the jail's commissary for Aaramark. 

"We also arrested Roy Ponce (pictured), who was working with Kpehe in providing the phone to be brought in to the jail" said Sheriff Susan Pamerleau. Two inmates, including Ponce's brother have also been charged in the scheme--which the Sheriff said investigators have been looking in to since learning about it last fall. 

"There is alaways that opportunity where folks will try to penetrate the secure confines of any correctional facility--but our goal is to continue to be one step ahead of them said Deputy Chief Raul Banasco. 

The Sheriff said there are continuing investigations in to alleged attempts to smuggle contraband in to the jail--with investigations also focused on employees. The Department said a Detention Officer and his Sergeant were recently fired--after the Officer brought a cell phone in to a secure area--with the Sergeant's knowledge.  


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