Hammon Named Spurs Assistant

By Bill O'Neil

A big break in the glass ceiling in San Antonio--where you'll find the NBA's first paid female assistant coach.  

"I hope this... little girls can say hey look, people can do whatever they put their mind to" said Becky Hammon who will assume her new duties following her retirement from the WNBA's San Antonio Stars at the end of that team's current season. 

"I'll be doing things all of the other assistants will be doing--including helping with scouting reports, player development" Hammon said--recognizing the importance of what she's doing--but staying humble at the same time. 

"I fell like there's been greater pioneers to even get to this point--CEO's, COO's--major trailblazers that went before me" Hammon said. 

Hammon is not the first woman to serve as an NBA assistant coach--Lisa Boyer filled the role during the 2001-2002 season witht he Cleveland Cavaliers--but she was not paid--and did not travel witht he team.   


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