Immigrant Facility Opening In Karnes County

By Don Morgan 

The undocumented immigrant children crisis will be felt in Karnes County--where a new facility to house kids and parents opens it's doors Friday.  

"It represents a sigificant milestone in the Agency's long-term effrot to reformt he immigration detention system" said  Enrique Lucero with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He told 550 KTSA News the facility--which was once used to only house undocumented immigrant adults--will hold more than five-hundred children and adults at full capacity.  

Lucero said the facility will also send a strong message amid the continuing crisis. 

"The U.S. border is not open to illegal immigrration--and after your immediate detention and due process, there is every likliehood you'll be returned to your home country" Lucero said.  

Meanwhile, the community around the facility in Karnes City is stepping up to play a role. 

Local Chamber of Commerce President Willene Taylor told 550 KTSA News hundreds of overstock t-shirts from past chamber events have been donated for use at the facility. 

"A lot of them are children's sizes--and I talked to the Warden and asked if we can bring them out, and she said absolutely" Taylor said, adding many of those who live in the community are immigrants themselves. 

"I'm happy to say there is a groundswell of people who understand their (the immigrants) plight" Taylor said.  


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