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Miley Generates Controversy in S.A.

By Bill O'Neil

She's distanced herself quite a bit from Hannah Montana--and the reputation Miley Cyrus has since built is proceeding her expected arrival in San Antonio Saturday. 

"Her tour will use every theme described in our city ordinance" said activist Bobbie Mueller, describing Miley Cyrus' shows of late.

"Miley's concert goes beyond the pale in obscenity--she appears with furry animals, appealing to smaller, younger children" Mueller said.  

Mueller was among those who pushed the city to adopt tougher standards for concerts--and the young people who attend them--during the 1980's.  

Mueller urged County Commissioners to apply the city's standards--which require parental attendance with anyone under the age of fourteen--at a show that's deemed to include obscene content. Cyrus will be playing at the county owned AT&T Center Saturday Night.  

"We further request deputies be watchful Saturday to do a general count of how many youngsters are attending without an adult" Mueller said.  


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