New Study Prompts Pot Warning

By Bill O'Neil

Some eye opening findings in a new report on young men in Texas and how they are using marijuana. 

More than half of the 18 to 25 year olds surveyed said they have friends who use pot on a daily basis--a very disturbing finding said Dr. John Dakin at Caron Texas. 

"There has been this myth or mistaken idea that marijuana has no addictive effects to it--but it certainly does" Dakin told 550 KTSA News, adding society's easing attitude toward the drug is likely adding to it's upswing in popularity. 

Dakin said the use and abuse of marijuana can clearly open the door to more trouble. 

"We know that those who begin with marijuana do progress in to other drugs" Dakin said. 

One in four surveyed also admitted to driving under the influence of marijuana or alcohol.   


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