Scammer Tries to Use Exchange Name

By Bill O'Neil

A warning from the Army and Air Force Exchange--after a man nearly falls victim to a scam using the service's name.  

The intended victim nearly found himself out $2500.00--thinking he was going to get a pontoon boat through the exchange--a vehicle transaction that simply can not happen.  

"We do have an overseas car program for our military locations oversaes--but that is strictly overseas. We have no authorization to sell cars anywhere in the United States" said Kevin Turnbull, a Loss Prevention Officer witht he exchange.  

The victim in this case avoided a big headache by calling officials to check on the deal. Turnbull told 550 KTSA News using some common sense when buying a vehicle can help you avoid a big problem.   

"Try to deal locally when you're buying an automobile, and don't buy a car from someone who isn't willing to meet you face to face" Turnbull said.   


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