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Stage 3 in New Braunfels?

By KTSA News Staff

Could it be a sign of things to come? Officials in New Braunfels said Stage 3 watering restrictions could be ordered as soon as this weekend. That would limit the use of sprinklers and irrigation systems to once every other week--based on your address.

"It's a matter of us having to manage the non-essential use of water during these drought periods" said NBU's Gretche Reuwer--who told 550 KTSA News there are plenty of steps that can be taken to keep your yard from drying out.  

"Things like putting out or using organic matter. Utilizing mulch. Direct hand watering is much more effective for many situations than arbitrarily having a sprinkler out there that may not be hitting the areas that need the water the most" Reuwer said.  

At thsi point, Reuwer said Edwards Aquifer levels are just above the trigger point for Stage 3 restrictions--with a hot dry weekend forecast ahead.  

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