V.A. Scandal Continues to Widen

By Bill O'Neil

The Number Two Republican in the U.S. Senate coninues his push for change at the Veterans Administration--as a scandal surrounding wait times for medical appointments continues to widen. 

Specifically, Senator John Cornyn said the time has come fro Veteran's Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki to step down--amid a new report staffers were told to manipulate records at the North Central Federal Clinic in San Antonio to hide lengthy wait times. 

"These problems call for new leadership--and a new direction" Cornyn said on the Senate Floor Wednesday. While the Senator said Shinseki remains a hero for his ervice during the Vietnam War--that doesn't mean he shouldn't have to answer for what's happening today.  

"Unfortunatley, the V.A. scandals on his watch have been so numeros, and so outrageous, they demand immediate accountability" Cornyn said, adding he believes it's time President Barack Obama bring the same sense of urgency to addressing the situation at the V.A. that he said is needed in dealing with climate change.   


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