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Wall Blog 10/04/10

Another name brand pollster has come to the same conclusion. Blacks in America give unqualified support to President Obama. These new Gallup Poll results prove what many have believed—that racism is being their blind loyalty. 91% of African-Americans support the President.
 This comes as every other major demographic group in America has seen Obama’s support dwindle to historic lows since his election in November of 2008. In case you forgot, 96% of black voters cast their ballots for Obama/Biden.
 What is most incredible about these new numbers is the plight of black Americans. Their unemployment rate is nearly double that of whites—over 16%.
   The latest Census report showed one in seven Americans lives in poverty. It showed increases in poverty for whites, blacks and Hispanic Americans, with historic disparities continuing. The poverty rate for non-Hispanic whites was 9.4 percent, for blacks 25.8 percent and for Hispanics 25.3 percent. The rate for Asians was unchanged at 12.5 percent. An amazing 35% of Black children live in poverty.
 How can African-Americans support a President with numbers like that? It has become clear that this blind loyalty for President Obama is due to the color of his skin—not his performance in office.
   The numbers do not lie.

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10/04/2010 4:02PM
Wall Blog 10/04/10
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