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Wall Blog 9/22/10

   This morning, President Obama traveled to Falls Church, Virginia for a Healthcare backyard photo-op. This was a shamelessly transparent effort to change the mind of 60 percent of the American people who want to repeal Obamacare.
   There is nothing new here. The President laid out the four or five new regulatory changes that will take effect tomorrow. For instance, insurance companies won’t be able to charge you a co-pay for preventative care. There will no longer lifetime limits on the amount of care you and your family can receive. These are all items that Republicans would have gladly passed—without the trillion dollar government run monstrosity passed six months ago. This is the low hanging fruit in Obamacare.
   This “backyard” setting could have been transferred to the Rose Garden, a soundstage in Hollywood—in fact, anywhere in America. In fact, the first two sob stories—I’m sorry, I mean “personal stories”--- came from women flown in from Florida and New Hampshire.
   The next question—will this effort change the minds of the American people? Will it allow Democrats like Henry Cuellar, Charlie Gonzalez, and Ciro Rodriguez to actually use Obamacare as a positive campaign issue? We’ll know in the next 41 days.


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09/22/2010 1:58PM
Wall Blog 9/22/10
Repeal it!
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