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What's Keeping You from Enrolling in Obamacare?

By Don Morgan 

A new report claims it's not the website that's keeping Americans from enrolling in healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act in bigger numbers.  

Enroll America's Anna Filipic said it has more to do with many Americans being unaware financial help help and benefits are available to enrollees. 

"Because attention has focused on the website problems and not on the tax credits available to many consumers, most uninsured adults say they were not aware that financial assistance was available to help them purchase insurance" Filipic said. 

However, not everyone agrees witht hat explanation. Obamacare critic Mark Hatcher told 550 KTSA News those who haven't yet bought coverage simply don't want to.  

"Those who are uninsured don't want coverage--they don't want to spend a dime on it. But now they're trying to make a bigger campaign to make them aware of the fact they can potentially get money to pay for their insurance" Hatcher said.   


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