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White House Presses Medicaid Expansion in TX

By Bill O'Neil

The White Hosue casts an eye on election day--as it enlists a San Antonio Congressman to again press Texas to expand it's medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act.  

Congressman Joaquin Castro said there is plenty of interest in enrolling for coverage under Obamacare--potinting to a recent enrollment event held in San Antonio.  

"We interacted with about 15-hundred people--our best estimate is about 260 people (enrolled)" the Congressman said during a call put on by the Whute House. Looking ahead to November, Castro said he hopes the next gubernatorial administraion will do somehting to address the "gap" of people who do not qualify for federally susidized coverage.  

"Which in Texas is about a million people--the coverage gap--those that are not qualifying because they would qualify if Texas had expanded Medicaid" Castro said.  


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