Wide Range of Gas Prices for Holiday

By Bill O'Neil

If you're planning to hit the road for the long Memorial Day Weekend--what you'll pay to fill the gas tank will likely depend on just where you are  driving.  

One case in point is the Pacfic Northwest--where analysts said the high price of Alaskan Crude--about $110 per barrel--is keeping pump prices high. 

"In the middle of the country, we're seeing some states benefitting from Canadian Crude selling for $85 per barrel--and then we have some of the eastern states paying a little more because of the price of West Texas Intermediate" said Gregg Laskoski with Gasbuddy.com. All in all though, he told 550 KTSA News prices at the gas pump should generally be in decline by next week.  

"We're also fairly confident the price you pay on the Fourth of July is going to be less than what you pay on Memorial Day Weekend" Laskoski said.   


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