Abbott Delivers State of the State Address

Governor Greg Abbott travels to the State Capitol in Austin to deliver his second “State of the State Address.

“Today, I’m proud to report… the State of Texas is exceptional” the Governor said in beginning his remarks before a joint session of the Texas House and Senate.

The Governor pointed to plenty of positives… including the hundreds of thousands of jobs created in the Lone Star State despite the downturn in the oil and gas industry. Another positive: a report that shows Texas has more public high schools in the “top 100” than any other State.

But Abbott quickly added there’s plenty of work to be done–including what he described as “life and death votes” when it comes to reforms for the State’s troubled Child Protective Services.

“I am declaring CPS reform my first emergency item in Texas this legislative session” Abbott said in calling on the Legislature to take action.

The Governor also called for lawsuit reform, additional State spending on optional Pre-K, and more.

The biggest response appeared to come when the address turned to illegal immigration.

“Senator Perry… this is the Session when we will ban sanctuary cities in Texas” Abbott said, drawing loud applause.

Abbott also focused on border security–and pushing the Federal Government to enforce the immigration laws on the books.

“It is time for Texas to take a stand” Abbott said.

The address also turned to the topic of abortion–and the fallout from the Planned Parenthood video controversy.

“I want legislation that criminalizes the sale or donation of baby body parts” the Governor said.

Abbott put an exclamation on his address with another call for a “Constitutional Convention of the States” to consider amendments focusing on a number of issues… including States rights, a balanced federal budget, and term limits.


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