Abbott Signs “David’s Law”

By Bill O’Neil

David’s Law is now law in the State of Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill named in honor of David Molak Friday, about 18-months after the Alamo Heights High School student took his own life after being relentlessly cyber bullied.

The law, hich takes effect September 1st, requires schools to add cyber bullying to district bullying policies. It also requires districts notify parents if their child is either the victim or an aggressor of bullying.

It also provides for districts to collaborate with police when serious or life-threatening cyber bullying situations arise.

“Cyber bullying is an epidemic in this country” said State Senator Jose Menendez who sponsored the bill in the Texas Senate, adding “David’s Law will focus on prevention efforts in schools while offering consequences to those who wish to exploit and harass our children on the internet.”

Those thoughts were echoed by House sponsor Ina Minjarez.

“No longer will cyber bullying be acceptable in our schools thanks to the memory of those for whom this law is for” Minjarez said.



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