Activists Frustrated Over Treatment of Young Immigrant Patient

By Bill O’Neil

Activists are crying foul over what they say is the mistreatment of a young immigrant.

10-year old RosaMaria Hernandez recently had to pass through a Border Patrol interior checkpoint to get to a hospital in Corpus Christi for gall bladder surgery.

“They indicated that anywhere the child went–even within the hospital–for studies or surgery–the agents followed” said family attorney Leticia Gonzalez, also pointing out the girl suffers from cerebral palsy.

“She really has the mentality of a child who is closer to four or five years old” Gonzalez said.

After she recovered from surgery, Gonzalez said RosaMaria was not discharged to her parents in Laredo, and instead placed at a shelter for immigrants for further processing.

Congressman Joaquin Castro called that outrageous.

“It’s stunning that federal agents would be waiting outside of the hospital room of a ten-year old girl with cerebral palsey” the Congressman said, adding “They’re treating her like a hardened convict whose been taken to the hospital for treatment.”

Critics are urging the feds to change their protocols in such cases.



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