“Affluenza” Teen Back in Texas

The “Affluenza Teen” is back behind bars in Texas–and due before a Judge Friday.

Ethan Couch arrived at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport late Thursday Morning after being put on an airliner by Mexican authorities.

“We hope that finally now, just can be served for those four victims and their families” said Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson after Couch’s arrival.

Couch was sentenced to ten years probation following a 2013 drunk driving crash that killed four people. His defense lawyers claimed an affluent lifestyle clouded Couch’s judgement–and he didn’t know right from wrong.

A hearing set for Friday will determine whether Couch remains in juvenile detention–or is moved to adult jail.

“That’s not my decision, that’s the decision of the court” Anderson said, adding “We’ll respect whatever decision the court makes–and we have to do that. My preference would be to have him locked up in the adult jail–since he’s a 19-year old adult in the State of Texas.”

Couch and his mother were arrested in Mexico last month after authorities said he fled ahead of an upcoming meeting. Tanya Couch was returned to the United States late last month.



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