Alamo Dig Could Stretch in to Next Week

It looks as though the digging in Alamo Plaza may well continue in to next week.

That’s where researchers are focusing closely on what may well be a part of the Alamo’s original south wall–but said the work is slow going.

“We are just continuing to expose the architectural feature” Kristi Nichols said of what may be a trench that was part of the wall, adding “There’s a lot of stones that are put together, so there’s a lot of nooks and crannies we need to get dirt out of just to make it more visible.”

Meanwhile, Nichols said artifacts remain few and far between in this portion of the project.

“That’s really not a big deal for us at this point, because if we are coming down on architectural features, we really aren’t going to be hitting artifacts–you pretty much aren’t going to be putting your trash inside an architectural trench” Nichols said.

The project’s findings will be used in helping to craft a new master plan for the Alamo Complex.



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