Alamo Plaza Wall Plan Tabled

By Don Morgan and Bill O’Neil

It appears as though the controversial plan for putting a plexi-glass wall up around the Alamo has been shelved.

“This is one of the great meeting places of San Antonio in Alamo Plaza… and to wall it off I didn’t think was a good idea” Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff said a few days after he met with Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush to talk it over.

The Judge said he wasn’t promised anything during that conversation–but is pleased the wall looks to no longer be part of the master plan for Alamo Plaza.

“I hope they put it (plans for a wall) under the table and leave it there” Wolff said, adding “We want people to have the ability to come across there like they have forever. If they want to close the streets, that’s fine.”

The Judge said he wouldn’t be opposed to a small replica of the Alamo portraying its original wall.

Wolff also praised the Land Commissioner as he celebrated the decision to table the plans for a wall.

“I think (Commissioner Bush) has done a great job buying those buildings across from Alamo Plaza… could make a great museum for that” the Judge said.


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