Amazing Act of Heroism, Followed By Predictable Twitstorm

Randy Tompkins of Dixon, IL makes the Good Samaritan look like a slacker.

He sees a guy running through a traffic light and weaving, and realizes or suspects the driver is having a medical episode.

Tompkins stops his pickup, jumps out, runs and dives into the slow-rolling car, whose driver is, in fact, seizing.

Jumps into a moving car. Through the window.  Click right here to watch.

Stops the car before disaster strikes.

Dixon PD capture it on dashcam.

Twitter low-lifes, completely missing the selflessness and physical courage of Tompkins, instead snipe at the PD.

Who, incidentally, give it right back, with gusto.

All reminding us again: there are ordinary heroes among us, and Twitter is brimming over with morons.


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