The Angels Were Out At “Wrappin’ With Jack”

When I think back to Tuesday night, what I’ll remember the most were the pint-sized angels who stepped up to the microphone during our live broadcast.

Our 18th annual “Wrappin’ With Jack” Christmas event for Family Service Association drew over 550 volunteers of all ages to Magnolia Halle. I’m grateful to each and every one, who came from as far away as Bulverde, Comfort, Floresville, China Grove, Austin and even Romania (long story).

A little girl named Ruby came with a group and spoke into the mic with a clarion voice about why she loved being there and wanted to make other children happy.

A boy of maybe 11, whose t-shirt said “Thunder”, spoke softly about what it meant to be God’s chosen people.

Another 10-year-old girl wrote a note on a piece of Christmas wrapping paper: “Thank you and God bless you and everyone here”.

Three little angels who reminded us of the fragile promise of youth and our better nature.  Of the true meaning of Christmas.

They spoke from, and gave from, the heart. They spoke without the cautious self-editing of adults.

And those were just the ones we saw.

Thank you, and God bless you and everyone who helped last night.


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