Announcing a new video series by Sean Rima.


Starting tomorrow, I will begin posting a new video series I’m calling “The Daily Dump”.

Every day, I will post a new video featuring me (myself) ranting about the news. Or I may post a video of my chihuahua doing weird crap on my patio after the show. Or I may have a few drinky-winkies with the Old Lady, and post the weird crap we do when we’re buzzed.

In any event, there will be a new video every day. It’s The Daily Dump.

I would have started this series today, but the charge on my ancient-ass phone died before I could upload what I just filmed in the studio. This sucks, because it was the greatest video I have ever produced. Truly award-winning and heartbreaking footage, too. Gone forever. Getting a new phone on Thursday.

We’ll see you tomorrow, folks…

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