Another Genene Jones Indictment

By Don Morgan

She was about to be released from prison by Bexar County D-A Nico LaHood has put a stop to that.

Genene Jones, the so called “Killer Nurse” was in jail for murdering a 15 month old girl and attempting to kill a month old baby. There are several other children’s deaths she is believed responsible for but hasn’t been convicted. LaHood says earlier on Tuesday, a grand jury indicted Jones for the 1981 murder of 8 month old Richard Nelson.

LaHood says his goal is to keep Jones, whom he called “evil” behind bars for the rest of her life.

The reason for her release only 33 years after her conviction was due to a law that was in effect at the time of her sentencing.

That law would allow her to serve only a third of her sentence.

LaHood says while true justice will only come when Jones dies, the families of the children she killed can be assured she will spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Jones is currently locked up in the Lane Murray Unit in Gatesville but she will be extradited to Bexar County in November.


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