Another GOP Debate Night

If it seems to you the Republican candidates for President spend a lot of time having debates, you’re right.

In fact there’s another one taking place tonight and according to Brandon Rottinghaus at the University of Houston, the candidate who needs the strongest performance is Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

“People are looking to him as the emerging front runner so he really needs to have a good showing”

Meanwhile, Rottinghaus says Donald Trump has to prime the public on policy issues to keep his lead heading into the Iowa Caucus.

Rottinghaus says this could be the last hurrah for Jeb Bush who seems to be having a tough time getting his message over with voters.

Meanwhile, the lower polling Republican candidates will debate tonight but it won’t be in prime time.

Dr. Alan Saxe at U-T Arlington says all the candidates should be on the stage at the same time. It gives voters a better look at the candidates and puts them all on a level playing field.

“The early debate isn’t necessary. There’s a lot of candidates but they should all be on the same stage at the same time.”

Saxe says he doesn’t blame Rand Paul for choosing to not take part and the candidates that are going to be there just want the air time



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