Heartbreaking Case of Animal Abuse

Lots of questions–very few answers for Animal Care Services after a dog is found with three collars on her so tight–they had actually grown in to her skin.

“She is severely underweight, she is very weak” Lisa Norwood with Animal Care Services told KTSA News, adding “She’s undergoing treatment here at the ACS Veterinary Clinic–but her neck wound is very very deep, and we are very concerned.”

Given the name “Ripley,” the dog was found in a neighborhood near Blanco and West Summit. Many of the people who live nearby said they couldn’t remember seeing the dog until she was recently noticed roaming around the neighborhood.

“That’s why we think she might not even live in the area–and many very well have been dumped there by somebody” Norwood said.

Investigators are now trying to track down whoever might have owned Ripley. If you have any information, you’re encouraged to call 311.




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