Another “Turn Around Don’t Drown” Reminder

With all this rain, another reminder to “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.”

“You’d hope by now it wouldn’t exist,” SAFD’s Joe Arrington said.

But the reminder is still needed, because this is still an issue. People continue to drive right into a street covered in water.

“We have people that continue to go around barricades and, in doing so, endangering their owns lives and those of our first responders who are called out to get them out of the water,” Arrington said. “Unfortunately, we still have to do this campaign.”

He said a normal rain storm means about 15 to 20 water rescue calls for SAFD.

“As little as a foot of rain can carry a large sized vehicle off,” he said. “People think they have large trucks that are immune to these issues, well, those large trucks with their big tires are just big inner tubes that when the water’s moving can float away just as easily as a small passenger car.”

Driving around a barricade when there’s water on the road carries a fine up to $2000 and could mean jail time. If first responders have to rescue you, everyone in the car may get charged another $640.

Just don’t do it.


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