Arrest Made in Detective’s Murder

After nearly thirty tense hours, San Antonio Police have made an arrest in the cold-blooded murder of Detective Benjamin Marconi Sunday Afternoon.

“We arrested 31-year old Otis Tyrone McKane–this is the person whose image we saw on surveillance” Chief William McManus said following the arrest Monday Afternoon.

We’re told McKane was a passenger in a car being driven by a woman in the area of FM 1516 and I-10 near Schertz, just northeast of San Antonio.

The Chief said police were still working on what may have motivated McKane to commit murder, admitting he feels some sense of relief with McKane off the street.

“That does not negate the fact there are people out there that are still targeting police officers. Our officers will always be vigilant” McManus said.

McKane later told reporters anger over child custody disputes drove him to the murder.

“I’ve been through several custody battles, and I was upset about the situation I was in… and, I lashed out at somebody that didn’t deserve it” McKane said. When asked if he had anything to say to Marconi’s family, his reply was “I’m sorry.”

Mayor Ivy Taylor also thanks the Department for it’s work–and the community for it’s help in making this arrest happen.

“Now I ask you continue to keep Detective Marconi’s family in your prayers, and that you trust in our legal system to bring this case to justice” Taylor said following McKane’s arrest.

For now, Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood isn’t tipping his hand on how the case will be tried.

“It’s either the death penalty, or life in prison without the possibility of parole” LaHood said, after adding his thanks to law enforcement of all of the hard work put in on this investigation.



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