Arrows Pointing Down at S.A. Gas Pumps

Those arrows continue to point down at gas pumps around the Alamo City.

“The price of crude has been kind of tanking recently because of all the unrest in Europe–it’s down almost 7% in just one week’s time” Gasbuddy dot-com’s Will Speer told KTSA News, describing part of the reason why prices continue to trickle down around San Antonio.

“For Texas that’s not necessarily good news–but for motorists they’re going to be able to take advantage of cheap prices in the high demand season” Speer said, adding “It’s going to be kind of an an odd summer because typically, you’d expect to see gas prices ticking up during this time of year–but, because of other these other factors (including continued strong demand), it’s really kind of doing the opposite thing.”

Which Speer said should result in prices continuing to fall between now and Labor Day.

“It’s really hard to stop these falling prices right now. We’re expecting to see it continue… especially o0ver the next month” Speer said.


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