Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Policing

Is there a role for “artificial intelligence” in the future of police work?

The man at the top of the company that brought us the taser sees the possibilities.

“Technology is no panacea–there is no magic device that fixes all of this–but we do see technology can play a really big role” Axon CEO Rick Smith told KTSA News, on the heels of his company purchasing two “artificial intelligence” companies, which are expected to be incorporated in to Axon’s work with police body cameras.

“We’ve got mountains of video now… seven-million gigabytes of video, and growing exponentially” Smith said, adding “A lot of times, you have to have transcripts of what’s in the video etc.. and that’s where this artificial intelligence technology is really helpful. It helps us process that video so you don’t have to have people watching every two-hour incident.”

Meanwhile, Smith said his company wants to do more to bring more technology to more police officers.

“For the next year, we’re offering free body cameras to every police officer in America–including all the storage and support, there’s no hidden costs–so they can get these out on the street and give it a try” Smith said.


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