Balloon Crash Investigation Shifts to Washington

The search for answers on Saturday Morning’s deadly balloon crash near Austin will shift to Washington.

That’s where the balloon’s electronics have been sent–and where investigators will pick up the investigation–now that the wreckage of the balloon has been removed from a field in Lockhart. That wreckage will be stored in a warehouse in Dallas–where investigators will eventually be able to take a closer look as the process unfolds.

In the meantime, those asking the questions are starting to piece together what led up to the crash that killed sixteen people.

“The pilot did–the day before–call just to get a very general outlook of a weather briefing” said the National Transportation Safety Board’s Robert Sumwalt.

Meanwhile, we have learned through one of the balloon’s log books that it’s inspections appear to have been up to date.

“A very preliminary, on-site examination reveals no evidence of pre-existing failures, malfunctions, or problems” Sumwalt said, adding the evidence at the crash site does appear to indicate the pilot was trying to land when the balloon collided with power lines.

Sumwalt also said it’s likely to be months before all questions surrounding what happened can finally be answered.

“This is the very beginning of what will be a long and comprehensive investigation” Sumwalt said.


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