Bathroom Bill Backers Not Sold on House Version

By Bill O’Neil

What looked to possibly be a compromise for the controversial so-called “Bathroom Bill” before the Texas Legislature is generating little support among some of the measure’s strongest backers.

“If we’re going to just focus on the schools on this, then we at least need to make sure that it’s done well… and done right” said Texas Pastor Council President Dave Welch.

“At this point in time, we’re not confident that this bill does that” Welch told KTSA News.

The measure given preliminary approval by the Texas House Sunday was tacked on to another education-related bill–and would only pertain to schools.

“(House Speaker) Joe Straus’ own social media posting… which said this doesn’t change anything… schools can continue to do what they are doing…gives us great cause that this is really intended to be a head fake” Welch said.

Still, Welch said his group is open to compromise–at least within what they see as reason.

“But when one man… King Joe… has hijacked the Legislature for his own personal agenda on this, then there’s a certain point where you say no… I’m sorry… we’re not going to give away the whole store” Welch said.

Looking ahead, Welch said his group will continue to work with the bill’s backers–particularly in the Texas Senate. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick warned last week he would push Governor Greg Abbott to call a “special session” of the Legislature if the House and Senate did not pass a “Bathroom Bill.”

“We’re not going to really accept the premise of we’re going to have to take a quarter-loaf–then just take the crust” Welch warned.


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