“Bathroom Bill” Fight to Resume

By Pilar Arias

On Tuesday Gov. Greg Abbott called for a special session to start in July.

Among the items legislators will get back to work on include the House version of the bathroom bill, HB 2899.

It’s a decision Equality Texas CEO Chuck Smith is disappointed in.

“There’s no acceptable amount of discrimination, especially when it’s legislation such as this that’s targeting the people that are most vulnerable in restroom facilities,” Smith said.

Smith called the inclusion of the bathroom bill in the special session as political pandering.

The president of the Texas Association of Business, Chris Wallace, also issued the following statement regarding HB 2899, on hehalf of the Keep TExas Open for Business Coalition:

“The Governor has the prerogative of calling a special session to address issues he believes are important to Texans. Many of the issues Gov. Abbott has listed for the special session will have a positive impact to the state. However, TAB is on record opposing discriminatory language such as HB 2899.”

Abbott did; however, garner support from Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who issued the following statement:

“I want to congratulate Gov. Abbott for his big and bold special session agenda which solidly reflects the priorities of the people of Texas. Almost every issue he address today passed the Senate during the regular session and I am confident the senators are ready to hit the ground running to move these issues forward. The people of Texas have a right to expect that we will finish the job on these critical issues and I am happy to join with the governor in doing the work they elected us to do. I continue to be proud to serve with Gov. Abbott and look foward to working with him in the upcoming special session.”



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