Bathroom Debate Heating Up Again in TX

The debate over transgender bathroom guidelines in Texas schools is heating up again.

“No one believes in intimidating or bullying anyone” said Lieutenant-Governor Dan Patrick at a Tuesday Morning press conference called to outline the State’s next steps in the debate.

Still in Patrick’s focus are the guidelines recently enacted by the Fort Worth ISD Superintendent.

“When you’re dealing with school children of all ages–who, according to this Superintendent don’t have to tell their parents, don’t have to get any medical advice, don’t have to get any psychological advice–don’t have to get anything. It’s up to the student. That’s what he said. This is how ludicrous and asinine this is” Patrick said.

The Lieutenant-Governor said he is asking Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for opinions on whether or not the guidelines were legally adopted by the District in Fort Worth. Patrick also said the issue is quickly coming in to focus in Austin.

“Let me tell you what, this Superintendent unfortunately is going to bring the Legislature in to a position that I don’t think the Legislature wants to be (in)” Patrick said, hinting strongly that action could be taken if the guidelines adopted by the Fort Worth ISD are not dropped.

And, the Lieutenant-Governor did not stop there.

“I’m announcing I will be sending a letter to every Superintendent in the State of Texas, letting them know they should not be moving forward on the President’s guidelines” Patrick said.

Dan Patrick News Conference

On the other side, activists have also raised their voices in the midst of the debate.

“I’m embarrassed or ashamed to say I had no inkling or understanding that this is such a profound issue out there that people struggle with” said Jim Elder in a newly released video from Equality Texas. That video tells the story of Elder’s adopted son–who was born a girl.

Elder Family Video



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