Bexar Commissioners Take Stand on “Opioid Crisis”

By Bill O’Neil

Bexar County is set to take a stand in the so-called “opioid crisis” that has left such a deep mark on so many parts of the country.

“Young people may pick up a marijuana cigarette… thinking they are getting a marijuana cigarette when in fact they may be getting some synthetic drugs that have been incorporated in to the marijuana cigarette” Judge Nelson Wolff told Commissioners.

With their resolution, Commissioners have created a new task force that will take a closer look at the problem.

“The task force would be charged with coming up with a campaign and reviewing current law enforcement policies–federal and state laws and regulations” Wolff said.

The heads of the Bexar County Hospital District and Metro Health will serve as co-chairs of the task force.

“We’ll get to work on it and we’ll convene a meeting pretty soon” the Judge said, adding “We’ve already had one good discussion of it, and we’ll bring them together for another one.”

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